Mantain the tan
4 natural elements to maintain your tan

How to maintain your tan after all the hard work during the summer to get a golden colour: we suggest which products to choose to ensure that at least your tan doesn’t leave you too soon.

Start with a healthy tan

The first step to ensuring a long-lasting tan is to have earned your “bronzed skin” in the right way: protection suited to your phototype, adequate nutrition, risk-free exposure to the sun, constant moisturising throughout the summer.

4 products to maintain your tan

If you have followed the rules of healthy tanning, you are already at a good starting point. We will now give you some useful advice on the natural elements which can be your allies in your mission to achieve a long lasting golden skin.

Healthy tan
  1. Carrot oil
    Needless to say, the carrot is an essential food for your suntan, thanks to its high beta-carotene content. The oil obtained from the carrot is also an excellent moisturizer: use it after showering on damp skin.
  2. Walnut husk
    Ever heard of walnut husk? It is a natural colouring agent which can give your skin an intense golden glow. Choose soaps, cleansers or creams with this ingredient and your tan will stay golden for a long time to come.
  3. Black tea
    Black tea is also a natural secret to bring out your complexion and brighten your skin. How to use it? Add tea to your bath water and soak in a beauty bath.
  4. Aloe vera
    Aloe vera has many properties, but as far as tanning is concerned it has a fundamental one: it nourishes in depth. This is why it is advisable to moisturize your skin – even during the summer – with Aloe Vera Gel or choose products (creams, bath foams, masks) created with this magical ingredient.

Aloe Vera, thanks to its emollient and nourishing properties, will keep your skin healthy and toned, allowing you to maintain the beautiful glow you love! We, at Benessence, suggest the use of Veraskin gel! Pure Aloe Vera gel to keep your skin healthy.

Now you just have to take care of your skin naturally!

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