A natural aloe remedy for dog hyperactivity

Your pet may be tirelessly playful, but excessive vivacity can also be a real hyperactivity disorder for your dog: we explain how you can help him naturally with aloe.

Your dog suffers from vivacity or hyperactivity?

Dogs are by nature perfect playmates, but when they really can’t relax, it is probably a genuine disorder.

Hyper-excitability is normal behaviour in puppies, but hyperactivity is not and may require professional help.
We can talk about

  • Physiological hyperactivity
  • Pathological hyperactivity (hyperkinesis)

Physiological hyperactivity can occur as a result of behavioural disorders, e.g. related to separation from the mother, while hyperkinesis is due to an alteration of dopamine in the brain. Physiological hyperactivity is the most common.

The symptoms for the hyperactivity in dogs:

Firstly, how can you tell if your dog is suffering from this problem?
These are the most common symptoms of physiological hyperactivity:

  • Light and not prolonged sleep
  • uncontrolled response to uncommon triggers
  • lack of attention
  • lack of bite inhibition, they may even hurt themselves unintentionally
  • general frustration
  • constant demands for attention
  • lack of sphincter control
  • difficulty learning commands

In pathological hyperactivity the symptoms are similar, but are accompanied by disturbances such as the appearance of stereotypes (a kind of nervous tic), high heart or respiratory rate, excessive salivation.

A natural advice

The solution we recommend is always to consult a vet and a canine behaviour expert if you notice anything unusual. Most importantly, good habits that can help you keep the situation under control include having your dog take Aloe Juice.

In conclusion, our product is recommended in cases of hyperactivity and excessive vivacity: the properties of magnesium, zinc and group B vitamins help to restore neurological balance and tranquillity. Acemannan, then, provides high protection of the nerve lining, promoting a better and more efficient electrical connection that helps to quickly calm the state of agitation. Aloe juice also has immunostimulant, antifungal, anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving qualities.

For your dog, we recommend taking about 15-30 ml a day, pure or diluted in water, preferably before meals. Always consult a specialist for medication and dietary advice.

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