A natural help: use Aloe Vera for post depilation

Summer is coming, and we need to get ready for our favourite dresses.

As summer approaches, it becomes almost imperative to resort to waxing, razors and epilators: the post-depilation phase is important to prevent redness and irritation. We explain how to prepare an aloe-based pack that is perfect for this moment.

Mistakes to avoid after hair removal

Once we’ve got rid of unwanted hair We think that the job is done. Actually, the hair removal process and the post-depilation phase are crucial.

Here we have some common mistakes:

  • The “morning” depilation: it is not advisable to do it in the morning, because during the day then the depilated areas will be in contact with socks, trousers, clothes, fibres not particularly suitable. Better to shave in the evening, before going to bed, between cotton sheets;
  • Scrub before and after: some people think it is correct to exfoliate before or after shaving, but actually this further weakens the skin and exposes it to irritation. Allow at least 24 hours.
  • Opt for “re-waxing“: after the first wipe some hairs may escape, but repeating waxing or re-shaving the same area can contribute to redness, as the skin is already stressed. Use tweezers to catch the survivors;
  • Going from waxing to the beach: the quick brush-off before the beach is extremely damaging for the skin. In fact, after depilation the skin is very sensitive and more exposed to the sun’s rays, with the risk of catching a rash. Allow at least one day to pass before thinking about sunbathing.

The most common mistake is not hydrating the shaved area. The dermis, during depilation, is subjected to a procedure that is almost traumatic and needs to recover nutrients, protection and elasticity. That’s why we suggest using our Aloe Vera Gel.

The Aloe Vera pack

Aloe is a very valuable aid for the post-depilation phase, thanks to its bacteriostatic, anti-inflammatory and antipyretic action.

To prepare the face and body pack, you will need:

  1. Aloe Vera gel
  2. A few drops of natural oil (e.g. calendula or arnica)
  3. A tablespoon of natural yoghurt
  4. A drop of tea tree oil

Mix the gel, the natural oil drops and the yoghurt and then add the tea tree oil.

As soon as you have finished shaving, gently disinfect the skin with hydrogen peroxide, then pass a cotton ball soaked in Propolis oil over the epidermis to remove traces of wax: at this point apply the compress and leave it on for a few minutes.

Relief is immediate, and the skin nourished, refreshed and purified.

You can find our Aloe Vera Gel in two formats 250ml, and 100ml. A must-have product, to be carried with you at all times.

Now you have everything you need to prepare for the summer!

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