Aloe, a natural remedy against Vitiligo

What is Vitiligo?

White, or rather discoloured, spots on the skin: this causes vitiligo, a disorder that can also be controlled with a natural remedy such as Aloe. Find out more!

Vitiligo is a non-contagious disease that affects the melanocytes, the cells that produce melanin, the pigment responsible for the colouring of our skin: in fact, those who suffer from this disorder have real white patches on the epidermis, called hypochromic or achromic patches.

The areas most affected by the spots are the face, hands, feet and genitals; it can happen that the discolouration can extend to body hair, hair, beard, eyelashes and eyebrows, and even the lips and eyes, but without risk to the sight.

Both men and women can suffer from it, and the age at which it most frequently appears is between 10 and 20. At risk are those who suffer from:

  • Diabetes
  • Hypo- and hyperthyroidism
  • Alopecia Areata
  • Pernicious anaemia.

Discolouration may be associated with itching, especially in the acute phase.

Causes of the disease

The causes of vitiligo are still unclear. The cause of vitiligo is the loss of melatonin, but what lies behind this is still the subject of research by scientists and doctors.

There are several hypotheses:

  • Vitiligo could be an autoimmune disease, in which the immune system itself attacks the melanocytes;
  • it could be genetic, since 30% of cases are family-related.

The onset of the disorder could also be associated with:

  • Oxidative stress
  • Abnormal functioning of the nervous system
  • Short-circuiting of melanocytes, which themselves produce toxic molecules
  • Traumatic events, as well as interventions
  • External toxic agents
  • Eating disorders
  • Severe sunburn.

The worsening of the disorder is usually announced by itching, but the discoloured areas can remain like this for years without spreading.

Vitiligo remedy

Vitiligo cannot be cured, but keep it under control. Targeted medical treatment includes a combination of drugs, supplements and sometimes phototherapy.

Vitiligo natural remedy: what can be done naturally is to maintain a constant focus on skin care, using products that contain principles useful for the disorder. In this case, Aloe comes to our rescue.

Thanks to Aloe Vera you can work on “internal” and “external” symptoms:

  • the gel has important regenerating and moisturizing properties, softens the skin and can produce excellent results. Use the gel on a regular basis and can bring real benefit to blemishes, certainly preventing extension but also improving the health of the skin, which will be nourished and healthy;
  • in addition, drinking Aloe has positive effects on the immune system, which plays a major role in this disease. Again, constant use can help strengthen the body and prevent the disease from worsening. Consume the juice every morning, preferably on an empty stomach.

Obviously, these are natural products which do not constitute a cure but, combined with medical treatment, they can be a very effective remedy for vitiligo. Always consult your doctor for useful advice and recommendations.

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Adopt natural remedies to take care of your skin in a healthy and natural way, a little help that will give you great relief!

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