Aloe and pregnancy
Aloe in pregnancy: can it be taken without risk?

Aloe Vera active principles and health benefits

Aloe is a plant rich in properties and benefits, and since ancient times considered a true elixir of beauty and well-being for our bodies. For all these reasons, Aloe Vera is often used as a supplement. Especially by women who wish to maintain their physical shape and improve their well-being. In some cases, however, its use is not recommended. In pregnancy, for example, there may be contraindications, linked in particular to a specific substance contained in Aloe Vera.

Aloe in pregnancy: What are the risks?

The possible risks of taking aloe vera during pregnancy are mainly due to aloin, a substance that can cause abdominal cramps and may therefore stimulate uterine contractions. The advice in these cases is to consult your gynaecologist. If you intend to take Aloe Vera, opt for products free of this substance. All Benessence supplements, such as our Aloe Tai, are free of aloin and anthraquinones.

Aloe Vera after pregnancy: breastfeeding are there any contraindications?

The same applies to breastfeeding. Possible problems could arise from taking aloe vera containing aloin. This substance, as already mentioned, can cause abdominal cramps. Consequently, in the case of breastfeeding, it may cause colic in the infant. In addition, aloe vera may change the taste of breast milk. It is therefore advisable to remember to use supplements formulated only with the internal gel of the leaf. Free of anthraquinones and aloin, and to check if the infant changes its usual behaviour during breastfeeding.

Aloe Vera for children under 12: Who can intake it?

Another big question concerns the use of aloe vera products for children under the age of 12. It is often assumed that such a supplement cannot be taken by children. This is not the case, but we recommend taking it with caution and never under the age of three. Furthermore, do not exceed a daily dose of 25 ml and intake Aloe Vera every other day, especially if the gastrointestinal effects are too strong. In any case, aloe vera is a real panacea and a valuable aid in the care of children. Its juice, in particular, can improve physical fitness, strengthen the immune system and has purifying properties. Moreover, used as a cosmetic for external use. Thanks to its regenerating and healing properties, it is an excellent remedy in case of wounds and burns.

In this regard, we at Benessence offer Veraskin, 98.8% organic Aloe Vera gel. The product is absolutely free of dangerous substances to health and can also be applied to the skin of children.

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