aloe vera and constipation
Aloe Vera and constipation: How to fight it naturally

Constipation is a very annoying condition. Usually, occurs when excrement remains in the large intestine for a long period of time. This slows down digestion and causes a number of major inconveniences. Abdominal pain, bloating, colitis, nausea and, more generally, a general sense of discomfort in the body.

Causes of constipation

A longer or shorter period of constipation can depend on many factors.

Among the many common factors, stress, hormonal changes and imbalances are certainly worth mentioning. Insufficient intake of fluid and fibre in the daily diet, and lack of physical exercise.

Aloe Vera and constipation: natural remedies

If you suffer from constipation, we recommend that you first try to correct your daily habits and try to solve the problem naturally.

The first thing you need to pay attention to is, as always, your diet. Increase the amount of fibre in your diet by favouring the daily consumption of fruit, vegetables, legumes and whole grains. At the same time, try to reduce your daily intake of animal protein.

Liquids are also important: make sure you drink at least two litres of water a day and make a habit of drinking herbal teas with purifying properties every day.

Another aspect that you should pay a lot of attention to is movement: physical activity if you suffer from constipation is essential because it contributes to restarting intestinal functions. Even light physical activity, such as a 20-minute walk or half an hour of free exercise, is sufficient.

Constipation and Aloe Vera

We have told you several times about the countless benefits of Aloe Vera for your body, but you may not know that this plant is also a very effective remedy for preventing and treating constipation.

Taking a natural supplement every day helps the entire digestive system function. It helps to absorb nutrients and eliminate all the toxins in the body through natural evacuation of the intestine.

This is why taking an Aloe Vera supplement every day is the right choice.

How to take Aloe Vera to relieve constipation?

To obtain maximum benefits, we suggest you take 50 ml of aloe vera every morning, as soon as you get up, preferably on an empty stomach. Also diluted in water.

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