Aloe Vera and sport: Why and How to use it

Our aloe vera supplements support all our needs, let’s talk about sport

Aloe Vera can also be used in sport, with a product like our Aloe Power Juice.

Helps to relieve tension and stress accumulated during the day, and in our sporting activities. Combined with a well-balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle, it can provide a real elixir of life.

However, it is important for sportsmen and women to pay attention to their body’s needs. During physical activity, there is an increase in energy consumption and an increase in sweat production. Is important to drink regularly! To integrate the loss of water use products specially formulated. Mineral salts, vitamins and energy sources. In fact, a loss of liquids equal to 2% of body weight is enough to cause a decrease in physical efficiency and a strong feeling of exhaustion.

Benessence has therefore created a unique product for you: Aloe Power Juice.

Aloe Power Juice is made from pure Aloe Vera juice and pulp: a potassium and magnesium supplement, enriched with vitamins C and E, with a pleasant lemon flavour. All the properties of Aloe in synergy with the minerals and vitamins. Help normal energy metabolism, the recovery of electrolyte balance and muscle contraction.

The aloe gel, which comes from our own cultivations in Molise (Italy). We extract our gel from the heart of the fresh leaf manually. As a result, it is an unfiltered and unpasteurized product made only from real pulp to give you the full perception of Aloe Vera. Does NOT contain Aloin.

Take 50 ml of the product daily. Preferably on an empty stomach, also diluted in water or fruit juice.

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