Aloe Vera for your tan: all the benefits

With the summer approaching, you’ll love getting a tan, and you will certainly be longing to spend your days outdoors and let your skin enjoy the sun’s long-awaited rays… which will also benefit your mood

The sun plays a fundamental role in our organism. It stimulates the organic synthesis of vitamin D, promotes physical, muscular and mood tone, and improves the functionality of the immune system. And more generally, it gives renewed vigour!

So you’d better be ready for the summer by preparing to enjoy sun exposure in a healthy and risk-free manner!

Healthy and risk-free tanning

A healthy tan gives you a new glow, makes you more beautiful and revitalises you.

However, it is essential to take care of your skin. Avoid sunburn in order to get a perfect, long-lasting and, above all, healthy tan. Remember to expose yourself to the sun gradually and carefully. Also, avoid the hottest time of day and always using sun creams with high protection.

Aloe vera for your tan: how to keep it for longer?

To get a golden, uniform tan, it is also important to prepare your skin for exposure by starting with your diet and choosing the right foods: prefer brightly coloured fruit and vegetables (yellow, orange, red), which are rich in vitamins and mineral salts.

In addition, to keep your tan for longer and make it homogenous, your skin needs to be perfectly moisturized before it is exposed to the sun’s rays, so we recommend a special full-body scrub that gently exfoliates and removes dead cells from the surface layers. This will help your skin to regain its softness, smoothness and radiance.

The benefits of Aloe Vera for your tan

There are countless properties and benefits of Aloe Vera for skin exposed to the sun. The most popular is undoubtedly that of being a valid natural remedy for sunburn: Aloe gel is in fact rich in water, vitamins, minerals and amino acids, which guarantee a soothing and moisturizing action suitable for treating the inflammation of burnt and irritated skin.

Used as an after-sun product, it offers a sensation of relief, especially in cases of sunburn and reddened skin.

But Aloe Vera gel, if applied to the skin before sunscreen, also has an important preventive protective action: it generates a protective film and an antioxidant protein that can prevent sunburn and skin damage, keeping the hydrolipidic barrier intact and fighting the action of free radicals.

It speeds up the process of regeneration and repair of the skin, ensuring a healthy and smooth tan and helping to maintain it for longer.

The result is healthy, elastic, moisturized and softly tanned skin.

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Our VeraSkin is the perfect ally for summer to nourish the skin and prevent irritation and sunburn.

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