Aloe Vera Gel: Curiosities and False Myths

Aloe Gel: a bit of history

Having Aloe Vera Gel at home is a real lifesaver: it has, in fact, a thousand uses and properties. But do you know everything about this natural secret? Find out in this article

Aloe Vera has supported human beings in their daily lives for thousands of years. This plant, called ‘immortality plant‘ by the Egyptians, has been able to adapt to the most difficult environmental conditions, and has resisted drought, heat, but also germs and parasites: it has strengthened itself and stored minerals and nutrients that today make it so unique.

And it is inside its thick, green leaves that its greatest secret lies: the precious Aloe Vera gel.

Used by the most beautiful women in history, Cleopatra and Nefertiti, in their “beauty routine”, as a remedy for wounds and inflammation in the wars of Alexander the Great, studied by the naturalist Paracelsus for its ability to cure burns.

Aloe Gel is a treasure trove of over 200 scientifically documented healing substances, from vitamin A to zinc. Let’s discover together some curiosities and false myths about its use.

As well as being perfect for compresses and hair detention, Aloe Gel can work just like… gel!

That’s right, as well as having beneficial effects on our hair, it is also perfect for creating your own look, without drying and ruining your hair. Suitable for women, but especially for our beloved men, try it now!

Aloe for your teeth

That’s right, Aloe Vera Gel can be used in the formulation of products for the mouth: in oral hygiene, in fact, it is an excellent ally for fighting dental plaque and promoting the healing of wounds and mouth ulcers. And its antibacterial power is ideal for a healthy and beautiful smile. In this case, the gel can be used directly on the teeth by rubbing the pulp directly on the gums. Repeat this operation at least twice a day.

Leave the gel on the gums for at least 20 to 30 minutes and then rinse with warm water for a soothing effect.

Aloe and Pet care

Even animals can benefit from the benefits of Aloe Gel. It is no coincidence that we have created a range specifically for our furry friends.

Among these products, we have included a specific gel for them. Indicated to accelerate the renewal of the epidermis and the production of collagen. Provides help in case of small wounds or abrasions. It also provides adequate protection against atmospheric agents.

And if the animal licks itself and swallows it, no problem. Totally vegan and natural, so it’s not dangerous to their health, unlike the chemicals found on the market.

Not all Aloe Gel is really 100% Aloe Gel

Now for the bad news!

Always check the labels before buying products made from Aloe Vera. Many of them are made of other components, such as the water in which it is diluted or chemical additives. At Benessence we are very careful about the processing and formulation of its products. All care and cosmetic products are zero water, so they are made with 100% aloe vera, and without aloin, which can give some undesirable effects.

Always be careful what you buy!

Homemade Aloe Gel: yes or no?

Aloe gel is practically at your fingertips if you have an aloe plant at home (and we recommend you to have one!).

But there’s a catch: to extract the gel, your Aloe plant must be at least 5 years old and in perfect health. In fact, this plant has a growth cycle, also known as a vegetative cycle, which lasts around 10 years.

To be used to extract its gel, it should be at least 2 years old, or even better, to reach its full potential, 5 or 6. We take care of our Aloe plants, with dedication, in our greenhouses in Molise (Italy). We follow them throughout their growth phase, in a perfect habitat to obtain totally natural products and made in such a way as to preserve all their potential.

You can buy Aloe gel on our website: you can find it here! And if you want to have it with you all the time, there is also a travel size!

As we have seen, the functions of Aloe are many, from dental care to animal care, but aloe does not stop there. The principles contained within the miraculous plant are a real healthy touch for the care of the body. In fact, Aloe Vera can be taken both orally and used as an external agent on the body!

A natural remedy that you should definitely have at home!

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