Aloe Vera gel for dogs and cats: benefits for your pets

Aloe Vera gel for pets

Did you know that Aloe Vera Gel is also a perfect ally for our lovely pets? Yes, it is, thanks to its qualities and benefits, which are especially useful in summer.

Here are the benefits of this natural element for your pets.

Aloe gel for pets moisturizes the skin.

That’s right, just as you apply gel to the skin to make it more elastic and nourished, the same thing can be done on dogs and cats. Aloe has a special moisturizing effect that is also very effective on animal skin.

It has anti-inflammatory properties.

Aloe Gel, fights inflammations and not only thanks to the enzymes and substances contained in.

Our ‘magic’ plant stimulates the immune system, accelerates the renewal of the epidermis and the production of collagen.

It has a bactericidal action.

There is no escape for staphylococcus, fungi, viruses and bacteria.

Aloe gel provides your four-legged friend with protection from micro-organisms, but also from atmospheric agents, preventing the onset of infection or possible irritation.

Facilitates healing.

Thanks to the combination of vitamins, amino acids and mineral salts in Aloe, wounds heal more quickly. And without leaving scars.

Tinea? No, thanks.

Tinea is a fungal disease that affects cats, but can also be transmitted to dogs and children. Aloe Vera gel can help you fight this and all similar conditions that often affect pets.

Nagel, Aloe Vera gel for our Pets

Benessence has created a whole line of products for pets. And this includes the Aloe Vera Gel for your pet.

Our Nagel encompasses all the characteristics just described and is perfect for protecting against the main problems of animal skin and coat.

It will become your must-have product: buy it now!

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