Aloe Vera Juice and Pulp: how the juice is made

How are Aloe juices and pulp born at Benessence? Let us take you step by step through the making of our most beloved products.

Aloe according to Benessence

Our company was born from our family’s passion for this magical plant.

After getting to know Aloe Vera, we decided to spread its wellness and celebrate our territory, using 100% Italian products. Ours is project that focuses on respecting the environment and caring for our planet.

Our products are all made entirely without any use of water, but only with juice and pulp of Aloe Vera: we grow it, we get the gel from it and we work it.

Follow us through the process.

How do you get aloe pulp?

Our Aloe Vera plants are grown in our greenhouses in Termoli, Molise.

Aloe finds its ideal habitat in warm and temperate climates, but it is also a strong and extremely resistant plant: our land, uncontaminated, green and dedicated to agriculture, was the perfect choice to make this wonderful plant prosper and give us its beneficial effects.

We take care of our Aloe everyday, promoting the conditions for its growth in a natural way. The entire production process and the quality of the product are checked every day by our technicians.

This is how the most beloved products of our customers are created. Together we go through the different stages that take place between the greenhouses, laboratories and offices of Benessence.

Aloe Serra The collection of leaves

The first step is the harvest, but above there?s the choosing of the leaves. Those that we are going to be selected must, in fact, have very precise characteristics: we choose only the leaves of Aloe that have at least 4-5 years of “life”. In addition, they must have a minimum weight of 700 grams and must be about 50 centimeters long.

Why them??

These leaves are those with the highest concentration of bioactive molecules: they are therefore real treasure troves of well-being. The same that we want to put inside the packages coming to your home.

How do you collect Aloe??

The collection is done manually, leaf by leaf, by our guys. Once this step is completed, we immediately transfer everything to our laboratories. The speed in carrying out this step is fundamental, because it avoids any oxidation process: the proximity between the cultivations and our plant is therefore an aspect in our favour, and it is certainly not accidental.

Washing the leaves

Our Aloe reaches the second step, which may seem trivial and unimportant. Actually it is not so. Each leaf is washed carefully, before starting the processing: we eliminate external residues and make it perfect for the next step, where we get into the heart of the final product.

Aloe Gel The extraction of the gel

And now, the game gets tough: we are in the laboratory and our qualified professionals continue the processing of Aloe with the utmost care and dedication.

As we have already seen, the collection and washing of the leaves is done by hand, in order to avoid some mistakes that could compromise the quality of the final product.

Also the so-called hulling is done manually: the base, the tip and the thorny sides are removed from each leaf. All parts of Aloe rich in aloin, a component that can cause a strong laxative effect in humans.

At this point the flat part of the leaf is cut off and the pulp, the pure Aloe gel, and a yellowish liquid is completely eliminated. That’s right, aloin again. Just to ensure a meticulous extraction, this step is done without any automation but in a traditional way. Once all the gel is removed, we are ready for the final steps.

The fluidification of the gel

The extracted gel is processed cold, in our laboratories, without pasteurization – as we have seen before.

Homogenization is achieved by vacuum stirring: this procedure allows to preserve all the active components and therefore the benefits that Aloe is rich in nature. No thickener or gelling agent is added to increase the viscosity: if you find a different consistency in different juices, this depends only on the degree of fluidification and the process.

It is always and only, all Aloe vera. But really.

Stabilization and bottling

At this point the Aloe pulp is ready and will be used to package the product for which it was intended.

In the case of our juices it is stabilized and transferred into the bottles, which we made with a special material, “darker” than usual: we don’t want to hide anything from you, eh!

We chose a different packaging because in this way we can protect the contents from UV rays.

And again, to give you the Aloe as just collected.

Why choose our Juices

We told you, step by step, how our products are born:

  • All with 100% Italian raw materials.
  • All from Italian cultivations, from our greenhouses in Molise.
  • All processed according to the highest standards in our laboratories.
  • All continuously tested and improved by the Research and Development department.
  • Packaged without the addition of water and without aloin, according to methods that help us to preserve their natural characteristics.

And our customers have proven to really appreciate their quality. Because our goal is to make wellness within everyone’s reach: it is no coincidence that our products are reasonably priced, affordable and justified.

We want to offer you the best and make health, natural benefits and feeling good about yourself something that everyone can afford. It’s enough to want it.

Aloe Power 225x300AloeTai and Aloe Power Juice

These are two of our juices based on pure Aloe that we recommend you to try immediately. Let’s see which one is right for you!

AloeTai is aloe juice and pulp: it improves digestive function and has purifying properties, but not only. You can find inside it the small pieces of pulp dissolved in the juice: super-dense, perfect for anyone who wants to work on their well-being.

Aloe Power Juice, on the other hand, is made thanks to a particular gradient of homogenization in a cold vacuum. It is a juice to drink, almost a puree of Aloe, but it is also a supplement of mineral salts (Magnesium and Potassium), Vitamins C and E. And it has a pleasant taste of lemon. Indicated for the more sporty, for those who need a concentrate of energy and for those who do not particularly like the bitter taste of Aloe.

Drinking Aloe every day is an excellent habit to include in your morning routine: as soon as you get up, on an empty stomach, at least 50 ml of product, even diluted. It nourishes, purifies, strengthens the immune system and improves the functioning of the digestive system. If you are pregnant or have particular pathologies, always contact your doctor before taking the product. And follow our dosage advice.

Good wellness, with our Aloe. Real for real.

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