Aloe vera juice: natural remedy against colitis

Eating disorders, stress and tension affect our digestive system

Colitis is one of the most common disorders of the digestive system. Often of nervous origin, it is a chronic inflammation of certain parts of the intestine. Our intestine is responsible for the absorption of nutrients, digestive process.

Firstly, is very important for colitis sufferers to take care of their intestines, trying to restore some efficiency they have lost.

Aloe Vera juice supports the healthy digestion

Anti-inflammatory, detoxifying and soothing action, Aloe Vera is an excellent natural remedy for treating colitis and various other intestinal conditions.

Drinking aloe vera juice regularly before and after meals helps to create the right digestive environment, helping to reduce inflammation.

The advice is to take a couple of teaspoons (about 25 ml) of Aloe Vera juice before meals and one teaspoon (about 12.5 ml) after eating.

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