Aloe Vera: Natural remedy for wounds, bruises and scars

How to heal wounds, bruises and speed up healing with Aloe Vera?


Sometimes, when we cut ourselves or have a small wound, it becomes difficult to stop bleeding or promote healing, even if we have medicated the wound.

Today we will show you how Aloe Vera can act as a medicine. This plant contains large amounts of iron which, as we know, speeds up the healing process and promotes haemostasis.

How to medicate a wound with Aloe?

If we have an adult plant at home

  1. take a leaf and extract the pure gel;
  2. once this has been done, take some cotton wool or, even better, some gauze. Swab the wound until you see that bleeding stops;
  3. then, in order to ensure healing, apply the Aloe gel extracted from the leaf to the wound daily.

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Sometimes, however, it happens that after a wound, there is the appearance of a bruise, let’s find out together how Aloe can come to the rescue.


How to remove bruises and haematomas with Aloe Vera

Haematomas, which we commonly call bruises, are the result of blunt trauma. That causes capillaries to break and bleed under the skin. Especially in fair-skinned people, they appear as spots that are first red-blue, then tend to blue-green and finally yellow-gold. Depending on the extent of the bruise and the person involved, it takes different amounts of time to resolve.

A contusion, especially a major one, can lead to the breakage of the capillaries in the area involved. To prevent this the first thing to do is to apply ice packs to the affected area.

In this way the formation of blood haematomas is counteracted and can persist for weeks.

At this point, you’ll need to take the right precautions to treat the affected area, so why not choose a natural product such as aloe vera known for its self-healing abilities?


Why to choose aloe vera?

Aloe vera is a useful and effective natural remedy for accelerating the course of a haematoma. This is thanks to acemannan, an anti-inflammatory active ingredient in which this plant is rich, capable of reactivating and accelerating the functions of the epidermis. Aloe vera is definitely one of the best natural remedies we can use to take care of our skin.

Haematomas: natural remedies

Our advice is to make warm compresses using gel or pure juice of Aloe Vera, to be applied on the haematoma at least twice a day. This will speed up the disappearance of the unsightly haematic patches and allow for rapid healing.

If you already have an aloe vera plant in your home, use the pulp of the plant, better if it is kept in the freezer for at least an hour. This way the benefits will be twofold: the self-healing benefits of aloe vera will mitigate the trauma suffered and the cold will reduce swelling and pain.

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In conclusion, no matter how careful you try to be, bruising is inevitable, and the bruising and pain tend to disappear over time, but it is important to treat them properly, and 100% natural remedies are definitely the right choice!

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