Aloe Vera properties: something you don’t expect

Aloe properties and benefits

We know, Aloe Vera has many properties, suitable for everyone. But we bet you didn’t know about the uses we’re going to tell you about in this article



There’s a reason why people throughout history have described the Aloe Vera plant as a’doctor in a jar‘ or the ‘plant of immortality‘.


It is precisely the knowledge of this exceptional treasure of benefits that has motivated us to cultivate and produce our products, to spread well-being and to make it accessible to everyone.

In fact, everything we need to live better is already in nature, as is the case with Aloe Vera, whose properties we never cease to discover, for the most varied situations and problems.


In this article we suggest 2 uses that you will certainly be experimenting with tomorrow.


Aloe Vera properties: against stomach burns

Aloe is able to improve the functioning of the entire digestive system, but not only.


Heartburn is caused by irritation of the gastric mucous membrane. This is caused by wrong habits and unhealthy nutrition, or infection of the digestive tract. The sensation for sufferers of these disorders is rather unpleasant and disabling, as the burning starts in the stomach and can reach the throat.

Aloe Vera, among other beneficial properties, has a high content of acemannan, which has a gastroprotective effect. It is able to normalize the pH to the right physiological level and restore the bacterial flora, as well as reducing negative fermentation. In addition, Aloe Vera improves the absorption of nutrients and at the same time the elimination of waste products.


At Benessence, after many studies in this direction, we have created a line of aloe vera juices to be taken every morning. Produced without the addition of other substances to enjoy the best taste and to enjoy the properties of the plant. Find them here


The properties of aloe vera against swollen legs and feet.

Lack of time sitting, circulation problems and malfunctioning of the lymphatic system?

Legs and feet are the parts of our body that, at the end of the day, suffer most from all the efforts made during the day. In addition, feet are exposed to numerous skin diseases, such as fungal infections, but also corns and warts.

Here too, Aloe comes to your aid.


The first advice is to take care of your legs and feet on a daily basis, especially if these complaints are frequent. Constancy will give you excellent results.


And then, the two Aloe-based gestures that you can do: a foot bath and a massage.


In the first case, dissolve a few tablespoons of Aloe juice and relaxing essential oils, such as lavender, in water and soak your feet up to the ankles for about 20 minutes. And then Aloe Vera gel, which refreshes and gives new energy.


For the second, a massage with our gel can be very useful to relieve leg fatigue and reactivate the microcirculation. For this, you can also use a specific product!


Now you have learned more about the magical properties of Aloe Vera. Try its benefits now!

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