Cleansing milk
Cleansing milk: why it is important and how to use it

Cleansing milk &co: why to use them in skincare

The skincare routine is essential to keep the skin healthy, clean and young. But which product to start with? Every skin has its own needs and cannot get along with all the types of products on the market.

Despite the needs, there are some that cannot be missing in one’s beauty-case. One of them is the cleansing milk, mainly known for its makeup removal action. But what is it exactly?

It is better the cleansing milk or the Micellar water?

What is cleansing milk?

It is a very important cosmetic for the cleaning of your face. It is an emulsion with a fluid consistency, able to act in depth but gently, without stressing the skin.

The cleansing milk also helps to remove impurities and makeup completely, thanks to the lipid substances contained, which dissolve these residues. At the same time, it does not dry out the skin or attack the natural protective hydrolipidic film.

How should it be used?

Firstly, should be used for daily cleansing of the face, twice a day: in the morning to remove dead cells and sebum deposited during the night, in the evening for its action on smog, impurities and makeup.

You can apply it directly with your fingers on your damp face, with circular movements. Otherwise, you can pour a little on a cotton pad. The important thing is that you then go to rinse thoroughly.

Warning: avoid using cleansing milk on your eyes. They are a very delicate part of the face, so you should prefer a special makeup remover, such as micellar water.

Our Biolatte Cleansing Milk

For an even more advanced version, Benessence offers its organic cleansing milk based on pure organic Aloe Vera juice. This product combines the nourishing and soothing properties of this plant with those of Oat proteins and peptides extracted from Moringa seeds, which purify the skin and protect it from pollution. Finally, the Passionflower oil, with emollient and regenerating action, gives a silky skin, without the unpleasant oily effect.

And then? Your skincare doesn’t end here: you’ll need a Bio toner and a moisturizer to help your skin stay in shape, away from any discomfort and always bright.

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