Cleopatra, a female icon for inspiration

Cleopatra: stories, legends, myths, history. For us, Cleopatra is a woman, a true female icon, from whom to draw inspiration, and we explain why.

Firstly, she was the last queen of Egypt. She is remembered mainly for her love affairs with Julius Caesar and Mark Antony, very famous characters. But there is much more to this woman who sought to restore power and glory to her country. Finally, here is what we have discovered about her and what has enabled us to appreciate her as a true icon, even for modern women.

She was very knowledgeable and curious.

Cleopatra, however, knew eight languages, including Coptic, Greek and Egyptian. She also knew astronomy, geometry, arithmetic and medicine. Her passion was Greek tragedies and comedies.

This hunger for culture is certainly a sign of great intellectual vivacity, which we like.

She was good at her job.

Cleopatra was one of the ablest political figures of antiquity. She came to power at the age of 18 and remained in power for about twenty years. She always operated according to a clear and strategic vision, trying to influence Rome in order to stem the instability of her country, thus regaining power.

It is even said that the queen often dressed as a man to emphasise her role.

Cleopatra did not let herself be put down by gossip.

There were many slanderous rumours circulating about her. Always drunk, an easy woman, a witch capable of seducing men for her own purposes with magic potions. Many of these rumours came from Rome, from Octavian, her enemy.

Cleopatra did not give up, and while the rumours were spreading, she ruled and prepared for the attack on Rome, as well as living her love with Mark Antony in the light of day.

She was self-conscious, knew how to pamper herself and feel beautiful.

In some writings we read that Cleopatra was not actually a beautiful woman. There are many beauty tips that we have stolen from her and still use today. From donkey’s milk for the bath to rosewater for the face and aloe.

Her smooth skin was the result of frequent use of the miraculous Aloe Vera gel.

Despite her death in terrible, probably legendary, circumstances, Cleopatra already in ancient times embodied the ideal of the educated, hard-working, loving and self-conscious woman. A contemporary woman.

Take inspiration from her and we suggest you start by taking care of yourself.

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