Dandruff: how to fight it with the Aloe Vera

How to fight dandruff with Aloe Vera

Dandruff is undoubtedly one of the most common and annoying hair disorders.

As well as being annoying, dandruff is also unsightly, making it a source of embarrassment for sufferers. People often try all kinds of methods to get rid of it, from creams to real medicines, but have you ever thought that maybe an efficient help can come from nature? How? With Aloe Vera, a multifunctional plant with a thousand resources.

The anti-dandruff shampoo with Aloe Vera treatment is an excellent remedy. Benessence Anti-Dandruff Shampoo protects the hair from dandruff without altering its natural physiology.

In particularly serious cases, it is also advisable to take 50 ml of Pure Aloe Vera juice in the morning before or after breakfast, also diluted in water, or before main meals.

I didn’t know that…

There are two types of dandruff: oily dandruff and dry dandruff, and its causes can be many and varied, ranging from a high-fat diet to metabolic problems and stress.

Aloe Vera is an ideal natural remedy for fighting the embarrassing problem of dandruff naturally. This is due to the regenerating, bacteriostatic and anti-itch action of this extraordinary plant.

Dry dandruff? is more frequent in the winter months in men and involves some itching. The scalp of these subjects is easily irritable, and often leads to scratching and dandruff scales, but the size of it may vary from subject to subject. Sometimes the peeling skin condition is accompanied by a more or less intense sebaceous secretion at scalp level.

This combination determines oily dandruff coupled?with dandruff scales that do not fall off so easily, but remain attached to the scalp, held back by an excessive greasiness.

Aloe Vera juice (antiseptic, soothing, regenerative and refreshing) and Piroctone Olamine, primarily responsible for the antibacterial and anti-dandruff effect, prevent and remove dandruff formation in a decisive manner.

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