Diabetes, cholesterol and aloe: a natural Remedy

Let’s find out more about the relationship between diabetes, cholesterol and aloe:

Scientific research shows that it is possible to fight serious disorders naturally. Integrating pharmacological treatment, a healthy diet and natural remedies.

The research

5000 patients aged 35 to 65 years were subjected to a large, 5-year study in India. Firstly, all patients had experienced several angina attacks in the past, more than 63% also had diabetes. Many also had a second risk factor of hypertension, and about half of them were smokers.

Patients were periodically given 100 g of aloe juice and 20 g of isabgol to mix with flour to make bread to eat at lunch and dinner. They prescribed a strict alcohol-free diet. The positive results arrived after three months, and after a year became even more extraordinary. Electrocardiogram tests with no sign of ischaemia, and reduced cholesterol and triglyceride values.

As a result, Aloe Vera treatment, combined with a targeted diet, had almost completely eliminated the main imbalance that put these patients at risk of a heart attack or other cardiovascular events.


How can aloe help?

Researchers do not have any definite answers to the question of how Aloe Vera achieves this positive effect on cholesterol and glycaemia. Mainly, they?assume that the curative action of Aloe Vera is linked to the high fibre content of the plant’s derivatives, which helps the body eliminate excess fats and sugars.

Dr. O.P. Agarwal, in the conclusions of his work, strongly emphasizes the fact that this is the most extensive research ever on the healing properties of Aloe Vera. They did not notice any negative effects attributed to it.

The use of Aloe Vera extracts, give positive effects in atherosclerotic heart disease. Those with heart disease who also had diabetes problems benefited most from this therapy.


How to use Aloe juice

Taken before main meals, pure Aloe Vera juice ensures a low level of cholesterol in the blood and effective prevention of cardiovascular disease. Firstly, and most importantly, Aloe Vera contains two mineral salts: zinc and manganese. As a result, vitamin B6, act in coordination with the insulin produced by the beta cells of the pancreas to control blood sugar. As a result, their concentration is between 80 and 120mg/dl.

2 tablespoons of pure Aloe Vera juice before the main meals for a few months can be a valuable natural remedy.? However, only with a pure and undiluted juice, we obtain the effects and benefits attributed to Aloe Vera. Obtained exclusively from the cold pressing of the inner pulp. Cold-stabilised using a unique patented process, unpasteurized, not freeze-dried, not carbon-filtered. Processed immediately after harvest and bottled on the plantations.

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