fruit and dogs
Fruit and dogs: what they can eat?

Fruit and dogs: healthy lifestyle

“My dog can eat fruit?” Have you ever wondered this question? Choosing to have a healthy lifestyle is a decision that involves the whole family and therefore also your four-legged friend. Supplementing your dog’s kibble diet with natural foods is a good habit. The difficulty is choosing which fruit to give your dog, because not all fruit is suitable. We can help you with this

Feeding your dog with fruit

Dogs are different from humans, which is why you should consult your vet whenever you want to add a new food to your dog’s diet. There are also breeds that are less tolerant of certain foods than others and these are literally poisonous.

Your dog’s body type, organism and metabolism are three that should not be overlooked and that should make you resist the temptation to share every meal with your dog, even if he looks at you hopeful and wide-eyed.

Understanding which fruits also have a beneficial effect on your dog will help you to manage his bowl with more confidence, always remembering to serve them with due moderation: these are foods with a high sugar content, which ferment in the stomach, creating the possibility of discomfort and digestive problems.

Dogs and fruit: which one to choose?

We therefore propose 4 different types of fruit, so that you also have alternatives when you want to make him feel rewarded for his obedience.

You can use:

  • Bananas: The potassium and carbohydrates contained in bananas are very good for the dog’s muscles. The ideal time to take advantage of these benefits is, for example, after a long walk.
  • Apples: Rich in vitamins A, E and C, they are ideal for cleaning the intestines, just as they are for humans, and for strengthening the dog’s teeth.
  • Watermelon: Just like humans, your faithful friend also suffers from the heat. A fresh slice of watermelon, with its seeds removed, will help your dog to replenish his fluids, as well as providing him with useful vitamins A, B-16 and C.
  • Pears: This is certainly one of the most complete fruits for your dog, with a strong antioxidant power, as it contains potassium, fibre, magnesium, as well as vitamins A, B1, B2, C and E.

These are just a few tips for supplementing your dog’s diet.

In general, we recommend that you always prefer natural products, both for food and for preventing and treating minor ailments.
For example, Aloe Vera juice, just as it is for humans, is recommended for four-legged friends suffering from digestive problems, as well as having many other exceptional properties.

Choose Aloe Vera products also for his grooming. We have created a unique line for pet care.

Take care of your pets naturally!

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