Headache and aloe vera
Headaches natural remedies: the most effective treatments

Natural headache remedies: all causes

Headaches are a very common disorder that can occur for a variety of reasons. Excessive stress and fatigue can be the cause of such pain. Not only that, but a headache is often the result of a sleepless night or a symptom of further discomfort. A very strong headache, may be also a sign of an ongoing flu or a disorder associated with premenstrual syndrome.

The headache can be localized in specific places on the forehead. For example, sinuses, the headache may be the result of inflammation (sinusitis) due to a severe cold. In other cases, cervical problems can be the cause of headaches. This condition affects the neck, i.e. the first three vertebrae of the neck.

Apart from the causes, however, headaches can be easily treated with antiinflammatory drugs, which can completely eliminate the pain. If the headache is very frequent, however, drugs are not the best solution.

For this reason, the advice is to prefer natural remedies, i.e. substances that do not pose a health risk but can nevertheless put an end to headaches.

Headaches caused by a cold natural remedies

If the headache is concerned to a severe cold, then it is necessary to try to unblock the nasal passages, eliminating all the excess mucus. To do this, you can undergo a wash using completely natural saline solutions. Alternatively, we recommend suffumigation with bicarbonate of soda or essential oils. These substances are able to dissolve the mucus, thus relieving the pain in the face and head.

These remedies should be accompanied by other precautions. In particular, you should drink a lot, humidify the air as much as possible, using special devices or containers on the radiators. If, on the other hand, the headache has other causes, then it is possible to choose other types of remedy.

Natural remedies against headaches: Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera, for example, is a plant rich in beneficial properties for the health and well-being of our body. Specifically, its juice has an anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect and is perfect for eliminating infections that causes headaches. It’s also possible to extract the gel from the plant and apply it as a cream on the painful part of the head.

Aloe Vera is therefore also the perfect natural remedy for those who suffer from frequent and very painful headaches.

Its anti-inflammatory properties allow to end the discomfort without the need of special medications.

In this respect, we at Benessence recommend two types of natural remedy based on Aloe Vera. The first is Aloe Tai, 99% Aloe juice which will allow you to act against any kind of inflammation, while freeing the body of all toxins and excess fluids.

Veraskin Gel is made of Aloe Vera gel. Perfect for fighting infections and irritations, but also for reducing inflammatory conditions. Both products are free of hazardous chemicals. You can drink Aloe Vera juice every day, 50 ml in the morning on an empty stomach. In particular, we recommend taking four teaspoons during a migraine attack. You can also apply the gel directly to the painful area.

Finally, you have a natural solution to say goodbye to severe migraines. Visit our website and discover our world of Aloe Vera.

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