Nervous hunger
How to fight nervous hunger and the problems it causes?

How to fight nervous hunger remedies and causes

Nervous hunger is a real change in eating behaviour. In other words, our organism feels the urge to eat even though we have no appetite, but only to cope with a negative event. The feeling of hunger therefore stems from an emotional need, and its roots are psychological.

In order to fight this disorder, it is therefore necessary to identify the real causes that have led to this change in eating behaviour.

Those who are in this situation, know very well that behind nervous hunger there is often a lot of stress or psychological discomfort. This needs to be addressed and overcome. In short, we shouldn’t ignore this problem. To avoid a deterioration in the state of health and psychophysical well-being of our body, we have to deal with it in the right way.

One of the main negative effects of nervous hunger, for example, is heavy weight gain, which can lead to obesity. Not only that, if we neglect the psychological discomfort, it will only get worse and worse.

Gastritis and nervousness: how to improve digestion

Prolonged stress also has negative consequences for the health of our bodies. We need only think of gastritis, an inflammation of the stomach which, in most cases, has psychological causes. The underlying cause is often long-term anxiety and nervousness.

In this case, gastritis ceases to be a temporary phenomenon and becomes a real chronic disorder. Firstly, we have to eliminate the state of anxiety.
But, gastritis and colitis are often due to an unbalanced diet. In these cases, a good strategy for combating nervous hunger is to adopt a properly balanced diet.

Supplementing for nervous hunger: how to balance foods

One of the first remedies to put an end to nervous hunger is the diet itself, and the way you combine foods. In order to fight nervous hunger, it is therefore necessary to prepare meals that are balanced and, offer satiety.

A typical example is to accompany main meals with generous portions of seasonal vegetables and fruit. In addition, each meal should contain a few specific foods. Pasta, whole-grain bread and rice, that can induce a greater sense of satiety. To avoid nervous hunger, you should also intake five meals, including three main meals and two snacks.

Snacks are intended to satisfy the appetite between meals and thus avoid falling into the trap of nervous hunger. Snacking helps prevent blood sugar levels from dropping, which is the cause of hunger pangs. To fight hunger pangs and improve digestion, you can also use special supplements. Natural products that improve the overall function and health of your stomach and intestines.

Nervous hunger natural remedies

Nervous hunger, if neglected, can in fact also lead to inflammation of the digestive system, and therefore to diseases such as gastritis or colitis. In these cases, it is good to try to resolve the psychological discomfort at the root of the problem. However, in order to improve the health of the stomach and intestines, it is also possible to help with products based on natural substances and therefore free of health risks. Aloe vera, for example, is a real cure-all for the body. In particular, its juice, can be used as a natural supplement to treat a number of problems of the digestive system.

Aloe vera has a high anti-inflammatory power and is therefore the perfect remedy for gastritis or colitis. By supplementing your diet with aloe vera juice, you can improve the overall health of your digestive system.

Fighting nervous hunger with aloe vera juice

Of course, you should only rely on products made with a high aloe vera content. At Benessence we offer AloeTai, a supplement based on aloe vera juice and pulp from our own cultivations in Molise (Italy). The gel is extracted manually from the heart of the fresh leaf, without undergoing any pasteurization or filtration process.

AloeTai is a 99.8% aloe vera juice, a natural supplement of the highest quality and designed to solve all problems related to poor digestion and malabsorption. Aloe vera is able to reduce all inflammation and restore the correct functioning of the intestinal flora.

This can put an end to gastritis, colitis and other digestive problems. Aloe vera also has a high purifying effect, able to rid our organism of all toxins and excess fluids. It is no coincidence that this natural remedy used to fight cellulite, often caused by excessive water retention.

By supplementing your meals with AloeTai, you will be able to fight nervous hunger and, above all, combat all the inflammation caused by a malfunctioning stomach and intestine. In fact, aloe vera will improve gastric flow by promoting natural digestion, without resorting to enzymes or probiotics. In addition, by stimulating the bacterial flora, the juice will limit the proliferation of pathogens, thus allowing better absorption of all nutrients.

Aloe vera is therefore one of the most effective natural remedies for improving digestion and combating nervous hunger. However, in order to get rid of this annoying disorder, it is first necessary to identify the psychological cause and intervene with an ad hoc therapy.

If this is not enough, try our Aloe Vera-based products to help you!

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