How to get rid of stretch marks: the best natural remedies

What are Stretch marks?

Stretch marks are skin imperfections that affect various parts of the body. They are real skin lesions, comparable to scars, and can form for a number of reasons. Loss of tissue elasticity, generally causes stretch marks, triggered by a variety of factors. First and foremost, a sudden change in weight or, rather, hormonal and genetic issues

During pregnancy, for example, it is easy to get them because of the weight gain. In this case the lesions appear on the abdomen, hips or thighs. If, on the other hand, you have lost a lot of weight, stretch marks can also appear on the arms.

In any case, it would be preferable to prevent it by using moisturizing and elasticizing creams. However, sometimes it is just not possible, and it is in these cases that we need to find a solution that is quick, effective and, above all, risk-free.

How to eliminate white stretch marks

Firstly, before identifying the most suitable treatment. We must clarify that stretch marks can be of two types: white and red. The white stretch marks, in particular, are the most advanced form of lesion and therefore often the most difficult to eliminate.

In these cases, therefore, the more classic treatments are not sufficient and it is necessary to rely on alternative therapies. More specifically, in the case of white ones it is possible to use laser treatments, fillers or therapies to stimulate the circulation. Creams are more suitable for red stretch marks.

How to eliminate red stretch marks

Red ones can be removed more easily. In this case, therefore, use lotions and body creams with regenerating and repairing action. As always, the advice is to use only products that are completely natural, i.e. without chemicals.

Aloe Vera, for example, is one of the most effective remedies for scars and skin lesions of various kinds, including stretch marks. This plant is rich in antioxidants and therefore has a high regenerative power. Use the Aloe Vera gel to remove them.

Applied several times a day, it is able to stimulate cell and tissue renewal, resulting in smoother, blemish-free skin.

How to eliminate them naturally

Aloe Vera creams are therefore an excellent solution for eliminating stretch marks and getting rid of them permanently. Of course, it is essential to use the right products, made from Aloe Vera and free of chemicals.

On this matter, we at Benessence recommend Veraskin gel. This is an organic gel formulated with 98% Aloe Vera. The product is light and easily absorbed and is perfect for the treatment of various skin problems. Thanks to the presence of aloe vera, it is able to reduce inflammation and irritation and promote cell renewal.

Veraskin gel is therefore indicated in case of redness, burns, as well as to eliminate scars and marks. BIO-certified, this lotion can be used as an after-sun and as a treatment to facilitate the skin’s repair processes. Perfect for all skin types, Veraskin can also be used on little ones.

As a result, Aloe Vera is the ideal natural remedy. So if you have noticed these annoying lesions on your abdomen or legs, we recommend using gels or moisturizing creams. And if that’s not enough, then try Veraskin gel!

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