How to prepare your eye contour with Aloe Vera

Eyes are the windows of the soul. In this paragraph, we explain how to prepare an excellent eye contour using Aloe Vera.

A few useful tips

Many women don’t leave the house without a little make-up on. Sometimes, despite foundation, eye shadows and mascara, dark circles and a tired look are still clearly visible. This is why it is important to always use an eye contour and follow these simple practical tips.

  • Firstly, using an eye contour is not an age-related obligation. The basic formula of this product requires it to be moisturizing and elasticizing. To these characteristics can be added anti-ageing, toning and micro-circulation properties.
  • Secondly, apply the eye contour first. Combine it with foundation and concealer to find the perfect match for your skin.
  • Thirdly, and most importantly, there is a precise method for applying the product. The direction is unique, from the inside out, from the nose to the cheekbone and up to the brow bone. Tap with the tip of your ring finger and never get too close to the iris, which can become irritated.
  • The eye contour alone cannot work miracles. Remember to make masks periodically, always have a correct skin hygiene, but above all rest. Sleep is the best antidote!

Aloe for the eye contour

However, many of these industrial products contain aggressive substances, which are especially dangerous for people with allergies. With natural serums, this problem is easily avoided, while still ensuring excellent results.

In conclusion, we thought we’d suggest a recipe for our eye contour based on: Aloe Vera, with excellent moisturizing properties and rich in vitamins, minerals and enzymes; caffeine, with a toning and firming action; sagebrush, better known as butcher’s broom, which ensures a draining and decongestant effect, stimulating venous and lymphatic circulation.

To prepare about 15 ml of product you need only:

  • 14 g of Aloe Vera gel
  • 0.1 g of caffeine
  • o.9 g of sagebrush extract

Now that you have the ingredients, you need to: mix the aloe gel with the caffeine until a homogeneous mixture is obtained. Add the butcher’s broom extract and mix again.

Your eye contour is ready: put everything in a glass jar and use it daily!

In addition, Aloe Vera Gel is an excellent natural moisturizer for the skin all over the body. A valuable aid with a soothing effect even in cases of sunburn, skin irritation, itching and dryness. Always carry it with you in the pocket version!

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