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How to protect your hair: find out what to do in autumn

How to protect your hair in the fall?

You’re probably thinking about a new cut or colour to start the new cycle off right. We, of course, agree, but we must remind you that in this season it is important to give the right attention to your hair.

Yes, because the leaves are starting to fall, but so is the hair: this season is characterized by this very issue, which weakens even more a head already exhausted and damaged by summer overdoes.

That’s why we’ve selected for you 3 Must-Haves to start using immediately to protect your hair, not only with the arrival of autumn.

hair lotion

Anti-Fall Lotion: how to protect your hair from falling

Let’s take the problem head on and start with the Organic Anti-Fall Lotion.

An organic, Aloe Vera-based product that contains:

  • Watercress extracts
  • Ginseng
  • Serenoa repens
  • Capsicum and Hops

All ingredients able to promote regrowth and strengthen the hair structure from the root. And then Burdock, Green Tea and Linseed, dermopurifying and soothing agents for the scalp.

How to use it? Shake well and then apply 1 ml of lotion – corresponding to the whole dropper – in the morning and evening, rubbing gently. An advice: combine it with the Bio Anti fall Shampoo, purifying, soothing and strengthening.

Many women are already using it: try it too!

hair mask

Organic Hair Mask: how to revitalize your hair

This is one of those little beauty and wellness secrets that we can’t help but share with you.

Our hair mask should be used all year round, but if you’re a little bit lazy, we suggest you do it especially now. It is, in fact, a natural remedy for all cases of fragile, stressed, brittle or damaged hair.

Based on Aloe Vera, it contains Pracaxi and Linseed fruit oil, Moringa seed extracts, African Mango butter and Passion flower oil: use it regularly to improve combing, give softness and shine to your hair.

How to use it? Take a small amount of product and distribute it over washed hair. Comb through, leave on for about 3 minutes and rinse.

You can find it here!

Restructuring Hair Gel: how to repair and style your hair

Yes, it’s a gel: it’s perfect for styling, especially for curly and dry hair, but it’s also a treasure trove of beneficial properties. All organic.

Its formula combines Aloe Vera and Lavender, with soothing and purifying properties, and a mix of Amino Acids and B Vitamins, with protective and fortifying action for the hair. In addition, Oat proteins, with moisturizing and conditioning properties, make your hair soft and shiny.

How to use it? Simply apply it to wet or dry hair and create a unique look.

Beautiful and healthy in a single gesture: try Restructuring Gel now!

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And now it’s time to take care of yourself and your beauty.

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