Menstrual pain
Menstrual pain: how to eliminate them naturally

Menstrual pains: how they occur

Menstruation is almost always accompanied by more or less strong pain. This is a discomfort that generally lasts more than a few days and manifests itself with disorders often very different from each other.

There are in fact those who feel a strong pain in the belly, those who tend to suffer more from headaches or backaches.

Not only that, sometimes menstrual pain is also accompanied by other disorders, such as excessive fatigue, apathy and irritability.

In some cases, moreover, these pains are very strong enough to be even disabling. It is precisely in this kind of situations that it is necessary to find a solution immediately. Relying on the most effective remedies and able to eliminate any kind of pain in the shortest possible time.

Menstrual pain remedies: how to choose the most suitable one

In this regard, there are several drugs on the market, more or less strong, which allow you to eliminate or reduce at least in part menstrual pain. However, these products can generate addiction thus making the active ingredient less and less effective.

Our advice, therefore, is to prefer products prepared with natural ingredients. That are much safer for the health and well-being of our body.

Natural remedies menstrual pain

Hot water compresses

A very simple remedy, perfect for those who suffer from menstrual pain, is to make hot water compresses on the abdomen. The heat in fact has a relaxing effect on the muscles and therefore allows you to greatly reduce cramps.

Drink warm liquids

For the same reason, another very effective natural method is to take hot drinks. The advice is to prefer relaxing herbal teas, prepared with chamomile and other substances with calming power, avoiding instead tea and coffee.

Do physical exercise

It may seem a nonsense, but physical exercise represents a natural remedy also recommended in case of menstrual pain. Sports activities, such as aerobics, swimming or water aerobics, increase the levels of serotonin and dopamine, thus reducing the perception of pain.

Take natural supplements

Finally, if you want to end menstrual pain naturally, the advice is to also try natural supplements. During this phase of the cycle, in fact, the body is deficient in certain vitamins and minerals. Those can be replenished precisely through the intake of ad hoc products. In particular, the advice is to prefer supplements based on magnesium, vitamin E and B1, zinc and omega 3. Of course, the intake of these products can be accompanied by a diet equally rich in these precious substances.

Menstrual pain remedies: all the benefits of Aloe Vera

The most effective natural supplements is Aloe Vera. Its juice, in particular, is a real panacea, especially for those who suffer from severe menstrual pain. The plant has in fact anti-inflammatory properties and for this reason it is able to eliminate all these pains and disorders associated to the arrival of menstruation. In particular, Aloe Vera juice is rich in vitamins, mineral salts and other nutrients with beneficial properties.

The advice, in this specific case, is to use the rule of 2:2:2, that is to take 2 tablespoons of juice twice a day, starting two days before the arrival of menstruation and continuing for the whole duration of the cycle. Aloe Vera juice can also be taken in order to purify the organism and improve one’s physical shape.

The plant has in fact known detoxifying properties and represents one of the best natural remedies to fight water retention and cellulite, freeing our body from toxins and excess fluids.

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