Mosquito bites dogs and cats: why are they dangerous?

Mosquito bites: how to protect dogs and cats

They wake us up in the middle of the night, they cause itching and redness, they can give allergic reactions. Mosquito bites are unbearable for humans, but they can also bring health problems to our animals, and can bring hypersensitivity.

Bites on dogs and cats: what are the consequences, and what should be done when they occur?

Mosquito bites on dogs and cats – what to do?

Summer is not easy for our animal friends, either. Unfortunately, they are not exempt from heatstroke, dermatitis, sudden changes in temperature and toxins.

However, mosquitoes, are a real problem. They can create serious annoyances and, above all, rather serious diseases. There are different types of mosquitoes, and they are real disease vectors for our four-legged animals.

Mosquitoes and filariasis

Firstly, as humans, animals can also develop allergic reactions. Itching in these cases is unbearable, and this can also cause lesions in the reluctant attempt of the animal to “scratch”.

Filariasis, especially cardiopulmonary filariasis, is associated with mosquito bites and is more frequent in dogs.

According to recent studies, it is the tiger mosquito that is mainly responsible for this disease. The larvae of the parasite Dirofilaria immitis, in its cardiopulmonary variant, enter the circulatory system and, once they have become adult worms, settle near the heart and lungs, causing cardiac and respiratory disorders. The adult worms of Dirofilaria Repens larvae, on the other hand, localise in the subcutaneous tissue, causing less damage.

The disease can occur months after infection, so it is important to carry out regular tests.

How to prevent these diseases in dogs and cats?

Prevention from mosquito bites on dogs and cats is certainly a fundamental weapon in these cases. It’s important to choose suitable products for your pets, in addition to visits to the vet. For example, while more comprehensive antiparasitic can be used for dogs, they are toxic for cats because of permethrin.

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