Nasal congestion
Nasal congestion: the best natural remedies

I often have a stuffy nose, particularly during seasonal changes. Can you recommend effective natural remedies and products for this problem?

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What causes nasal congestion?

The feeling of a stuffy nose, also known as “nasal congestion“, is a very common discomfort and one of the main symptoms of a cold. The overproduction of mucus, produced to eliminate bacteria, obstructs the nasal passages, making it more difficult to breathe.

In this case, you are forced to breathe through your mouth, increasing the possibility of introducing germs and pathogens. Consequently, it is necessary to intervene as soon as possible with the right remedies, to avoid further worsening.

All you need to do, is unblock the airways, to encourage the fluidification of the mucus. Consequently, it is possible to act through ad hoc drugs or, alternatively, by using natural remedies that are risk-free for health.

Natural remedies for a blocked nose: what are they?

Try fumigation, you can easily prepare it at home. Allows the blocked nose to be freed immediately and in a completely natural way. This is undoubtedly the most widely used remedy, and should be used for few days.

To be really effective, you can prepare fumigation with boiling water, with dissolved salt or bicarbonate. Another perfect ingredient to prepare a good suffusion is eucalyptus essential oil. This substance is also often present in the most common nasal sprays.

Aloe Vera supplement as prevention

Aloe vera is very suitable for preventing colds and flu. The juice extracted from the plant, is a real elixir of well-being and is able to strengthen the immune system.

In this regard, we at Benessence propose Aloe Tai, a juice based on 99% Aloe Vera, perfect for strengthening the immune system and preventing colds and nasal congestion. The supplement is also very suitable for eliminating the toxins and excess fluids. The juice improves the bacterial flora and the gastric flow, thus supporting all digestive processes.

In the case of a stuffy nose, it is also possible to combine this product with Aloe Vera gel, a topical treatment which, thanks to its anti-inflammatory and refreshing properties, helps to unblock the airways and also has a repairing effect. You can apply the gel directly to the nose before going to sleep.

Our natural products for stuffy noses:

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