Natural remedies that help fighting cystitis

Natural remedies against cystitis

Cystitis is very common in women: however, there are various natural remedies against cystitis to prevent it and treat the symptoms. At Benessence we do this naturally, with products based on Aloe Vera!

1 every 4 women suffers from cystitis at least once a year and the incidence increase with age. It is very low until the age of 20 and increases progressively until after the age of menopause.


What is cystitis?

Cystitis is an inflammation of the bladder, mainly due to an infection with bacteria, in particular Escherichia Coli. Very often, cystitis is caused by taking medications or irritating molecules such as intimate hygiene products or spermicidal gels.


The main symptoms are:


Burning in the intimate area especially when going to the toilet

Frequent urge to urinate

Persistent sense of heaviness and bloated feeling.


How Aloe Vera can help


Aloe Vera, thanks to its anti-inflammatory and antifungal qualities, and its saponin, help to reduce the annoying itching.

Let’s see how to prevent this all-female nuisance; here are some natural remedies against cystitis.


Aloe vs Cystitis: what to use

The first step is that of intimate hygiene: wear underwear made of natural fibres and not too tight, use a natural and non-aggressive intimate cleanser. We recommend our Darmagel, an allergen-free product with surprising dermatological delicacy, good cleansing power and excellent antibacterial activity.

Women who suffer from cystitis should drink at least 2 litres of water a day, to avoid excessively concentrated urine and to easily eliminate bacteria in the urinary tract. You can pour 50 ml of Aloe Vera Juice into the water for the correct functioning of the body and for the anti-bacterial function of the aloe vera. Or you can choose to drink herbal teas.

But we’ll reveal another secret: blueberry juice, which is rich in polyphenols, anthocyanidins and proanthocyanins, can inhibit bacteria from taking root on the bladder wall. It is therefore an important aid in relapsing cystitis and is also recommended by many doctors. For this reason, we also recommend Aloe Tai with blueberry: perfect for its properties and with a more pleasant taste than the Pure Aloe and the presence of blueberry will give greater relief to fight cystitis with natural remedies.

Finally, you should also have a controlled diet: no spicy foods, yes to those rich in fibre or that have a high acid residue, lower the urinary pH and create an unfavourable environment for bacterial proliferation. Better to choose meats and cheeses, nuts, whole grains, lentils, blueberries and prunes.


These are the three recommendations we give you, small but effective natural remedies against cystitis.

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