Tone up the arms naturally
Natural remedies to tone up the arms

What can you do to help tone up your arms?

Tone up the arms, is one of the main thoughts of women in the summer. We take our T-shirts out of the wardrobe and the nightmare of many women returns: arms needing to be toned up. You can find recommendations and natural remedies to improve your arms in this article.

Habits to avoid

It’s perfectly normal for arms to lose tone and elasticity over the years, which can be annoyingly unsightly. But a number of factors can speed up the process, even in younger women.

The main problem is the lack of physical activity, which causes the muscle to lose its tone and consequently the tension in the epidermis.

But you should also watch out for these bad habits:

  • smoking, which also negatively affects the aesthetic aspects of your health;
  • drastic slimming diets, which lead to an imbalance in nutrients;
  • a diet too rich in fat, which should be replaced with one that increases fibre;
  • poor water consumption: drink plenty to combat water retention;
  • excessive exposure to the sun, which is responsible for free radicals that weaken the dermal fibres;
  • too little movement in everyday life: use a bicycle or go for a walk for your daily commute.

Natural secrets for toning up your arms

As well as following these small recommendations, which should set you on the path to a healthy lifestyle. You can take your inspiration from these secret solutions, which are easy to prepare at home. You can prepare natural potions that can give you undeniable benefits.

Flaxseed and Aloe: they are the protagonists of our “recipes” designed to restore tone to your arms.

Several studies have shown flaxseed to be one of the most suitable foods for people with blood pressure problems, reducing the risk of hypertension and cardio- and cerebrovascular diseases. In this case, you do not have to ingest them, but use them for a sort of compress.

  • You will need 2 tablespoons of seeds, mixed with 4 tablespoons of hot water. You will obtain a gelatinous mixture, to which you can also add two drops of cypress essential oil. Pour this paste onto a cloth and apply it to your arms, precisely in the area to be firmed. Cover with cling film and leave for a few minutes. You can repeat the treatment twice a week.
  • On the other hand, the malic acid contained in Aloe Vera gives your skin natural elasticity, as well as moisturizing, repairing and protecting it. Take a small amount of Aloe Gel and gently rub the area with circular movements until it is completely absorbed: you will immediately feel a sensation of tension and warmth. Repeat the process once a week.

What factors influence the loss of muscle tone?

Loss of muscle tone is caused by reduced muscle mass and a disruption of biological rhythms. In addition to the aesthetic aspect, it is important to know that this weakening may lead to osteoporosis, which causes the risk of falls and bone fractures.

The main culprits are hormonal changes. When muscles lose tone, muscular elasticity decreases accordingly. In this case, a real change of course is needed, involving not only the diet plan but also proper physical activity.

Exercises to tone the arms

Toning your muscles is possible, but only through strength training. The tools you will need to consider are:

  • Weights
  • Barbells
  • Dumbbells.

With this equipment, combined with exercises to tone the arms, you will be able to give the muscle the strength it needs and consequently eliminate the mass of fat which is responsible for the decline in muscle tone.

Obviously, the effects cannot be immediate or miraculous: the loss of tone in the arms is a long and continuous process, and in some ways even obligatory.

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