Natural remedy for menstruation pain

How to fight period pains with Aloe Vera


We treat or alleviate countless number of disorders with  Aloe Vera. This article explains how to use Aloe for the most pressing issue for women


Menstrual pain:


Every month many women have to deal with pain, and in some cases it can be very intense. Most people resort to painkillers, which are the quickest way to relieve the pain.

Painkillers are unhealthy, so let’s find a natural solution.


100% pure Aloe Vera juice is an effective natural remedy for menstrual pain. Above all, thanks to the vitamins, minerals and many other beneficial nutrients it contains.


Aloe Vera juices to prevent period pains

To relieve the painful sensation, it is recommended to follow the so-called “2:2:2 rule”, take 2 tablespoons of 100% pure aloe vera juice twice a day, starting 2 days before the presumed start of the menstrual cycle and continuing throughout its duration.


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