Onychomycosis: remedy with Organic Aloe Vera

Onychomycosis: what it is and what to do about it


Onychomycosis is an infection that affects the nails and, more frequently, the toenails. This doesn’t mean that it doesn’t also affect the fingernails, but in the feet the phenomenon is higher. Let us try to understand why and how to act.

Onychomycosis occurs when a fungus infects the nail and affects the feet more than the hands because they are constantly exposed to a more humid environment (sweat) and less efficient circulation (due to shoes). It is a frequent condition that not only causes aesthetic discomfort, as the infected nail looks unpleasant and smells bad, but also causes discomfort and pain.

Infected nails look like this:

  • Dull colour, (yellow or greenish)
  • Thicker, irregularly shaped
  • Fragile
  • Deformed, as if about to fall off.

The infection occurs on the sides of the nail and on the tip but can extend to the entire surface of the nail causing it to fall off. Onychomycosis should not be ignored even if it is mild. If not promptly cured, the infection can spread from one nail to another.


Where is it possible to get this infection?

Public places such as swimming pools and gyms can be sources of fungus.

Hot, humid environments increase the risk of contracting onychomycosis.

Wearing tight, unbreathable shoes for a long time or not changing socks often can also have an impact on the onset of the nail disease. Onychomycosis often occurs in elderly patients and especially in those with diabetes. The main reason for onychomycosis is that the blood circulation in the foot area is less intense and therefore antibodies are reduced.

How can an infected nail be treated using a natural method?

It is better to consult a doctor specializing in podiatry, who will likely prescribe either an antifungal nail polish or topical medication, and in the most extreme cases surgery may be necessary.

Contrary, if you have a slight nail fungus, it is possible to use a natural remedy such as Aloe Vera. Its content of water, minerals and antioxidant compounds improves our health, prevents diseases and provides pain relief.

One of the most interesting qualities of Aloe Vera is its antiseptic and antifungal power. Aloe applied to the skin, can control the growth of fungi and many other bacteria.



Our advice is to apply Aloe Vera gel daily to the area of the feet affected by the fungus. This alleviates discomfort such as itching and burning and also counteracts its proliferation.

Take a bandage, dip it in Aloe Vera gel and apply it to the nail and let it sit for a few minutes. Extend the treatment for a few days.

If you do not have Aloe Vera gel, you can buy it directly from our website.

Finally, to eradicate onychomycosis it is good to clean and disinfect the nail every day. If you are a woman do not be tempted to cover it with nail polish as the infection could be extended, let the foot breathe as much as possible, and use latex gloves every time you do our foot wraps so that the infection does not spread to the fingernails.

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