Organic cosmetics
Organic cosmetics: characteristics and certifications

Organic cosmetics: definition and basic requirements

Organic cosmetics, must have specific characteristics and certifications. This attests to the compliance with certain requirements in terms of ingredients, formulation and production process.

Therefore, organic cosmetics must comply with a series of rules. Including but not limited to a minimum of 95% of natural ingredients from organic farming.

Here are some of the characteristics that must respect:

  • Derivatives of petroleum origin, paraffins, formaldehyde are excluded from the ingredients.
  • They must not contain GMOs.
  • Fragrances and dyes of synthetic origin are forbidden;

In any case, to be sure of buying organic products, it is essential to check their certifications.

Certifications in Europe and Italy

In Europe, for example, there are certification authorities for natural and organic cosmetics, whose indications are the result of an agreement between the various EU countries. In our country, the Ministry of Agriculture has recognized various certifying authorities: in our case it is Suolo e Salute.

To be sure that the product is certified organic, you should always look at the packaging for the certification. Another piece of advice is to read the INCI, the list of all the ingredients of the product in question, which appears on the packaging.

Organic cosmetics: all the features and commitment to the environment

The formulation is in fact one of the main distinguishing factors of an organic cosmetic. For example, the presence of natural ingredients is one of the basic requirements. For this reason, organic cosmetics also include natural cosmetics, i.e. products made from completely natural and therefore chemical-free ingredients. In addition to respecting our skin, organic cosmetics should also respect nature, plants and animals. This means that the producers, should not test the products on animals. The formulation is in fact one of the main distinguishing factors of an organic cosmetic. But not only.

Organic cosmetics must not contain animal parts and organs. In particular, only substances whose manufacture has not resulted in animal suffering or killing are permitted. These products are therefore to all intents and purposes vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics.

Aloe Vera cosmetic properties

Buying an organic cosmetic therefore means making a real choice in life. This in respect for the environment and nature. At Benessence, we offer a wide range of organic and vegan products, made according to standards and regularly certified.

These cosmetics, in particular, are made with organically grown aloe vera and the formulation respects for the environment and animals. In fact, all cosmetic products are 100% BIO and vegan certified.

The various organic cosmetics include face, body and hand creams, deodorants, shower baths, shampoos and massage creams. All of them contain Aloe Vera, in the form of gel or juice, combined with other natural ingredients.

Aloe Vera, in particular, is a real panacea for our skin. The gel obtained from the plant has excellent moisturizing and regenerating properties, and is therefore perfect for protecting the skin and fighting ageing. Aloe Vera also has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Also, very effective remedy for inflammation and skin infections such as acne and eczema.

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