Pet care: protect pets from fleas and mosquitoes

Fleas and mosquitoes: how to take care of your pets

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With the summer and the first warm weather, even our four-legged friends start to spend more time outdoors. On the other hand, animals are used to living indoors but prefer to be in contact with nature. In this way they can move freely and also gain a great deal of benefit, both in terms of health and well-being.

However, although this season has many positive effects on our pets, it also brings with it many risks, which we should be very careful about. The high temperatures are accompanied by the arrival of numerous insects, including the many hated mosquitoes.

As well as annoying us humans, these insects often target our pets, bringing them stings and inflammation. In these cases, it is a good idea to use natural remedies, which can calm the irritation and eliminate all kinds of itching. The presence of so many stings may in fact irritate our little friend, forcing him to scratch and thereby further irritating the skin.

The same applies if your pet has fleas. These parasites are very unpleasant and can cause dermatitis. In these cases, the advice is to intervene as soon as possible to prevent the problem from getting worse and degenerating further.

How to deal with fleas and insect bites?

The treatment in both situations is very similar and consists of using Aloe Vera-based pet care products. Aloe Vera has antiseptic and antibacterial properties and is therefore perfect for treating skin inflammations, bites and dermatitis. Aloe Vera also has a regenerative effect and is therefore able to improve the overall health of the skin and coat.

As a completely natural remedy, it is also perfect for the care of your four-legged friends, as it poses no risk to their health or the environment. Not only that, Aloe Vera can also be used preventively.

Apart from treatment, it is very important to try to protect animals from flea and mosquito bites. The best way to do this is to use antiparasitic and repellent products. These remedies can be used throughout the year and are essential to protect the health of your pets.

Pet care products: Nalia Spray

At Benessence, we recommend Nalia Spray, based on Aloe Vera and lemongrass. It is a completely natural product and therefore risk-free for your four-legged friend’s health. Thanks to its composition, Nalia Spray is also very effective in protecting against insect and mosquito bites. Citronella, in particular, has a repellent function, thus keeping fleas and mosquitoes away from your little friend.

The presence of essential oils, however, is fundamental for revitalizing the coat and rebalancing the epidermal layer. Not only, these substances give a scent that can help to recover tone and energy after a convalescence. Formulated according to particularly strict standards, Nalia Spray is a certified organic product, perfect for protecting pets from fleas and mosquitoes.

Aloe Vera is therefore also a very suitable natural remedy for the care of your four-legged friends. Its beneficial effects on the skin make it one of the best products for the prevention and treatment of insect bites. And if that’s not enough, try Nalia Spray!

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