Preventing hair loss with Organic Aloe

How to prevent hair loss?

Many people easily lose their hair for a variety of reasons.

Hair loss is a physiological process that affects women and men in the same way. The amount of hair you lose depends on many factors, such as the structure and quantity of your hair. Also,  hair adapts more to high temperatures than to low temperatures, and so in autumn there is more hair loss.


If it is true that prevention is better than cure, then the right products for this problem are our Hair Loss Prevention Shampoo, and our Hair Loss Prevention Lotion

A valuable aid to strengthen the structure of the hair from the root, making it stronger and more resistant to hair loss.


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Preventing hair loss

How to prevent hair loss with organic anti-hair loss shampoo and lotion

Our Organic anti-hair loss shampoo, and our Organic anti-hair loss lotion are made from aloe and 10 different natural extracts, together with amino acids and vitamins. Let’s see the ingredients in detail:


  • Our shampoo: Aloe Vera is combined with Arginine, Citrulline and Ornithine for a regenerating, protective and fortifying effect. Extracts of the aerial parts of Watercress and Indian cress, together with extracts of Ginseng, Capsicum and Hops promote hair regrowth. Serenoa repens extract with pyridoxine is perfect for those suffering from androgenetic alopecia. Extracts of Burdock, Green Tea and Linseed are dermopurifying and soothing for the scalp.


  • Our lotion: Aloe Vera is combined with Watercress, Ginseng, Hops and Cayenne Pepper extracts designed to interact and work together to promote hair-growth. Saw Palmetto and Vitamin B6 are principal agents contained in the lotion and proven combatants against androgenetic alopecia. Enjoy the added benefits of Bardana, Green Tea and Flaxseed extracts to purify the skin and soothe the scalp.


Aloe Vera gel: how to prevent hair loss

Aloe Vera is a natural and economical remedy to prevent hair loss. The vitamins A, C and E it contains, stimulate cell turnover, which is why aloe vera is a very effective remedy against hair loss. As well as preventing hair loss, aloe vera acts directly on the hair bulb, strengthening weak hair.

There are various methods for applying aloe vera to the hair and enjoying its benefits, such as:


  • Direct application on the affected areas: In case of baldness, aloe vera gel can be applied directly on the affected areas. The regenerating action of aloe vera acts directly on the hair follicles.
  • Before washing your hair, use Aloe Vera gel as a home-made treatment. Simply put the aloe vera gel in your hair and leave it on for about 20 minutes, then rinse and wash.

Why choose a natural product

Our products are free of sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium laureth sulfate. Cares and protects the hair in a non-aggressive manner, safeguarding its health and enhancing its beauty. A certified VeganOk products, packaged without the addition of water. It also has a physiological pH, which makes it ideal for frequent use.

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