Reddened skin in summer: causes and most effective remedies

Reddened skin: what happens and why

Reddened skin is really frequent during the summer and the hot weather, we often spend entire days in the sun. Whether in the park or on the beach, it doesn’t matter. In both cases, our skin is subjected to the stress of ultraviolet rays, which risk damaging the epidermis in the short and long term.

This is even more likely to be true if we don’t apply a protective cream before exposing to the sun. These lotions, protect the skin from ultraviolet rays.

In the summer months, when the sun is very strong, they are even more necessary. In any case, always avoid exposure during the hottest hours, as the risk of sunburn is very high.

Irritated skin, what are the remedies

Despite the use of cream, the skin may still be swollen, reddened and painful to the touch. In these cases, it is a good idea to act as soon as possible, using after-sun creams and lotions that can calm the burn and reduce inflammation.

Reddened itchy skin: Sweat dermatitis

Not only that, reddened skin in summer is often also due to sweat dermatitis. This is a skin irritation resulting from excessive sweating caused by high temperatures. Dermatitis is manifested by a redness all over the body, accompanied by itching. It is a rather unpleasant disorder which, if left untreated, can worsen, leading to a real inflammation of the skin.

The itching can lead you to touch the skin, making it even more sensitive. Sweat, especially if persistent, can also reduce the skin’s natural defences, making the skin more delicate and prone to inflammation. For this reason, if you notice reddened skin and itching, the advice is to take immediate action. Use only natural remedies that can protect the skin and reduce inflammation.

The properties of aloe vera on stressed and reddened skin

Aloe vera, for example, is a plant with anti-inflammatory and soothing properties, perfect for fighting skin infections and irritations. It is no surprise that it is one of the most effective remedies to fight pimples and skin blemishes, as well as spots and redness. For example, aloe vera gel is perfect to apply it directly on the skin in the case of reddened skin due to excessive and incorrect exposure to the sun.

This practical and easy-to-apply product calms the skin and reduces inflammation from the very first use. In the case of sweat dermatitis, you can also use Aloe vera creams. Of course, the advice is to rely only on natural products in which aloe is the main ingredient.

Face cream: the effectiveness of Veraskin

Here, for example, we at Benessence recommend Veraskin. You can use it as a face cream, and on the whole body. The gel is dermatologically tested on sensitive skin, and formulated with 98.8% Aloe Vera. Perfect for reddened skin and sunburn.

You can use Veraskin as an after-sun cream, offering a great feeling of relief, but also as a moisturizing. Not only, the cream is rich in soothing properties and is able to accelerate the regeneration of the skin, facilitating the processes of skin repair.

Aloe vera is therefore a perfect remedy for reddened skin, burns and dermatitis. The advice, however, is to act preventively. Avoid exposure to the sun during the hottest hours, and limiting sweating as much as possible.

And if that’s not enough, try Veraskin Aloe gel.

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