scented dog Aloe Vera
Scented dog and happy home with Aloe Vera

After summer with its outdoor walks, sunshine and nature, it is also difficult for our animal friends to retreat indoors. Here we have some useful tips for your dog. The right product to keep him scented and a clean and happy house.

September is near – what are the autumn problems?

Just like us, our four-legged companions have to prepare for the cold season. They have to take care of their skin and coat after the warm period with its risks in terms of parasites, and they have to live at home again.

It is physiological that the return home for the dog also involves some changes to our noses. In fact, after a season spent outside, it is normal to clearly perceive the animal’s smell. This can lead to some discomfort inside the home and with people from outside who may be visiting the house.

To deal with these problems, all you need to do is choose the right products, natural ones, designed for animals and able to act decisively but never aggressively.

Scented dog with Nalia: the spray with a thousand actions

Benessence has developed a unique line, entirely dedicated to pets, with natural products based on Aloe vera.

In particular, for this period we recommend you use our Nalia Spray, with its multiple properties:

  • it acts on injured or inflamed skin, promoting healing
  • accelerates the healing process and disinfects wounds
  • keeps away insects, mosquitoes and parasites (fleas, mange and scabies mites)
  • has a calming effect on the nervous system
  • revitalises the hair, balancing the epidermal layer
  • has antibacterial, antiseptic and deodorising qualities.

Thanks to Aloe, Citronella and all the other natural components used in its formulation, Nalia Spray gives new light to the coat, defends the dog from parasites and will give you a unique scent.

What’s more, even if your dog licks himself, he won’t have any problems: it is absolutely not a harmful product, as it is completely natural, and can be safely ingested, even enhancing its effects.

Protect your dog naturally: choose Nalia Spray and discover the Pets line based on Aloe Vera.

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