Spring and pets: 3 useful tips

3 useful tips for taking care of your pets in spring

The scent of flowers, colourful buds and blue skies: spring is many people’s favourite season and ours too, but it is a vulnerable time for our pets. During the spring, our pets lose a lot of their fur and are susceptible to temperature fluctuations but above all to seasonal parasites.

So how do we take care of our pets? We reveal 3 natural tips based on Aloe Vera.

1. Simplify shedding thanks to Navit Shampoo

In the spring, cats and dogs begin to lose their thick winter coats. What should you do in these cases and how can you care for them properly?

To help your four-legged friend get rid of dead hair easily, you should brush it several times a day, even taking long baths to facilitate its removal.

This will not only help them to remove dead hair but also to grow new hair.

For washing your pet, we present Navit Shampoo, based on Aloe Vera, with extracts of grapefruit, geranium and lemongrass. Our shampoo prevents irritation, provides effective and natural protection and gives new vitality and shine to the coat.

And don’t forget the smell; your pet will smell great after washing!

2. Provide a balanced diet

Spring has always been a time for walks, outdoor games and non-stop running. And our puppies are the first to recognise this: they are much more active and want to go for long walks.

This is therefore also the time when your dog or cat needs energy, but without getting too heavy as temperatures start to rise. So choose balanced, high-quality food that gives your dog or cat all the nutrients they need.

Our Nalen has all the immune-stimulating, antifungal, anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties of Aloe Vera.

You only need 5-10 ml for cats and 15-30 ml for dogs per day, pure or diluted in water, preferably before meals.

Tip: Animals need to follow a proper diet, just as humans do – many foods can damage their health. Take care of their diet by preferring specific food according to their size in the case of dogs, but the same reasoning also applies to cats. If you have both cats and dogs in your household, it is better to differentiate their food.

3. Protect your pets from parasites

Unfortunately, when the weather is good, they come back: fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and other parasites which, apart from being a nuisance, can cause infections or even more serious illnesses.

You can protect your pet naturally, again with Aloe: Nalia Spray acts as a disinfectant on difficult wounds, accelerating healing.

But above all, thanks to its citronella content, it keeps insects and mosquitoes away.

Taking care of your dog or any other animal in spring is important for their health and serenity. As we have said, it is the period when they change their coat and are attacked by parasites.

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What are the risks for pets during spring?

Although the risk of contracting diseases is also very high in winter, it increases in spring because of the temperatures:

Ticks, fleas and lice are unfortunately part of the daily routine:

Head lice: Among the various nuisances our pets encounter, head lice are the least dangerous. They do, however, cause annoyance and infection

Fleas: Once a flea arrives on a pet’s coat, it penetrates deeply and feeds on their blood. From the flea eggs, new larvae are born. In this case, it is advisable to take care of your pet’s coat to prevent the fleas from taking root.

Ticks: These parasites are mainly found on the ground and will cling to the animals when they pass by. It is important to ensure that this does not happen to avoid serious illnesses.

Follow our advice and all you have to do is have fun in the open air with your furry friend!

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