Summer plants
Summer plants: 4 beautiful and hardy varieties

Summer flowering plants: How to choose the right one

During the summer and high temperatures, many habits change. Home environments, for example, need to be cooled down, using ad hoc devices such as fans and air conditioners.

If you have one or more plants in your home, you should remember to give them extra care and attention. At this time of year, plants become much more delicate and are subject to greater stress.

It is important to take care of them in the right way, creating the healthiest and most risk-free environment possible. In fact, at this time of year it would be better to buy summer plants. I.e. plants that are more suited to the season and can therefore withstand high temperatures.

You can find different varieties and types of plants with which to decorate your home, both indoors and outdoors. Here are some of them!

High-temperature-resistant seasonal summer plants


Agave is a plant of tropical origin that is extremely easy to grow either in the garden or in a terracotta pot. What’s more, the agave needs very little care and, in addition, provides a very special and elegant decoration. Will make any room more intimate and refined. Suitable for high temperatures, it should be watered regularly from spring until the end of summer. It is essential that the plant is able to store the right amount of water. During the winter months, it should be watered occasionally to prevent the soil from drying out.


Another perfect solution for those who appreciate the more succulent varieties and at the same time want an easy-to-care-for summer plant is the stapelia. This plant is much sought after for its beautiful fleshy leaves and produces extremely distinctive and elegant flowers. Although it is very hardy, the stapelia requires regular and constant watering, especially during the summer. Not only that, but it is very important that the surface soil is dry before the next watering. In autumn, on the other hand, watering can be reduced, but the soil must always be kept moist.

Blue jasmine

Among the summer flowering plants is the blue jasmine. This is a climbing or drooping shrub with bright green foliage and sky-blue flowers in clusters. In regions with a mild climate, it can flower as late as October. Although the plant is quite drought-tolerant, it can produce beautiful flowers if it is well hydrated. Consequently, you should water your blue jasmine regularly, at least once a day, especially in summer. Avoid the hottest hours of the day and taking care not to water the flowers and leaves.

Aloe vera

Finally, those who love summer plants could also opt for Aloe Vera. This plant is rich in beneficial properties and therefore perfect for those looking for an elegant yet healthy solution. Aloe Vera, is a real elixir of health and beauty. In particular, this substance has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties and also promotes cell renewal. It is no coincidence that Aloe Vera is widely used in the preparation of cosmetics. Also, for the treatment of skin problems such as acne and eczema, but also for burns and inflammation.

Not only, the juice of the plant can improve the functioning of the digestive system, also helping to eliminate toxins and excess fluid.

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