Sunburns: natural methods for healing them

Sunburns? Let?s see how to alleviate and solve it

Days spent at the beach, parks and outings to the mountains share a common risk: sunburn. Here are some natural methods for this problem.

The cause of sunburns

Spending too much time sunbathing or not protecting yourself adequately can lead to sunburn. The UV rays have a prolonged effect on the skin and cause redness, itching, burning and pain. The effects of the sun can be felt as early as thirty minutes, depending on the time of day and the heat.

If you have a very light skin tone, the danger is even bigger. You need sun creams and sunscreen products that allow you to get a healthy and uniform tan. In the most serious cases, sunburn can lead to severe erythema, with swelling and watery blisters, followed by peeling of the skin. In addition, if the area appears very large and is accompanied by a high fever, a doctor should be consulted immediately.

Why not underestimate sunburns

Apart from the momentary discomfort, it is important to bear in mind that bad exposure and an unhealthy tan can have quite serious consequences. These include

  • Premature ageing of the skin (formation of wrinkles and spots)
  • Loss of skin elasticity
  • DNA damage
  • Melanoma and skin tumours

Apart from very serious diseases, the beauty of your skin also depends on your care and the best protection from the sun.

Natural methods

Anyone has probably had their face or shoulders reddened after a long racket game in the water: to heal these slight burns we suggest a few completely natural but highly functional methods.

  • Aloe Vera gel pack: simply apply a small amount of Aloe Vera gel to the affected area and spread it like a cream.? You can wrap the area in a towel and keep it on for more than half an hour. For a regenerating effect keep the bottle in the fridge, the feeling of freshness will be even stronger!
  • Green tea pack: brew the green tea and wait for it to cool down. Then apply the teabags (if you have used teabags) or a soaked cloth to your skin. You can also add the tea to your bath water to enjoy bath time!
  • Bathing with Aloe: We recommend that you use Aloe in your bath or shower. You can dilute some gel or, even better, use a real Aloe bath foam. You could try our Organic Shower Gel with Aloe Vera, a refreshing awakening for the body, and a uniquely natural toning experience are guaranteed by pure Lavender, Eucalyptus and Mint Essential Oils.

Also use the safest protection product for you: if you want a tan that doesn’t make your skin dry and dehydrated.

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Pack your sun creams and these little after-sun tips: protect your skin and make it beautiful during summer!

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