Three steps to protect your hands during winter

So important, so sensitive


They are the ones who suffer the most from the cold: our hands, exposed to frost every day, need special care in winter. Here’s how to protect them in 3 simple steps!

Hands are one of the parts of our body that suffers most from the impact of the winter climate.

Despite the fluctuating temperatures, as soon as the thermometers drop, they begin to crack, and we may even have to fight with chilblains.


Defending, moisturizing and nourishing them is therefore essential: here are 3 steps to include in your beauty routine to have silky hands, ready to pamper.


  • Always wear gloves

How often do you forget them at home? Or maybe you leave them hidden in a bag?

Gloves, however, can be an excellent companion, acting as a shield against frost and excessive cold. Remember to keep them with you at all times.

And there are some really cute ones, so you won’t have to compromise on style either!


  • Wash your hands properly

That’s right, there’s a right way to wash your hands.

Firstly, never use water that’s too cold or too hot – always opt for warm water. It’s really pleasant!

Use a mild soap, preferably a natural and nourishing one. You can find one that suits you here.

Wash your hands often and don’t rush – it’s a little pampering too.


  • Choose the right moisturizer

And finally, remember to always put on a small amount of moisturizer. But wait, not just any moisturizer!

Have you tried our Organic Hand Cream?


Its formula combines the moisturizing and soothing properties of Aloe Vera with the softening and protective properties of Allantoin and Pasiflora oil. Candelilla Wax penetrates quickly and has a “barrier” effect, protecting the skin from external agents and maintaining its moisture content.


The innovative SWOP (Switch Oil Phase Technology) gives an initial fresh sensation that transforms during application into a nourishing sensation, providing long-lasting comfort and protection. Its creamy texture leaves skin smooth and firm with a delicate fragrance.


It is the ideal daily treatment for moisturized, soft and silky skin. Try it now!


Your hands are now safe: you can enjoy even the winter cold and maintain their natural beauty.

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