What toner is used for and how to apply it to the face

Face toner: what is it?

Many women use it without really knowing why, and many are not aware of its importance. We’ll tell you what toner is used for and why you should include it in your beauty routine.

Facial toner is not a cleanser, not a make-up remover, not a serum. We could call it a detox treatment, necessary to conclude the cleansing phase and move on to the hydration phase.

Toner is a liquid lotion, which at first glance might seem almost like water. Actually, it has a number of properties that make it necessary and indispensable in skincare. Its function is to rebalance the skin, restoring the right degree of acidity, and to cleanse in depth.

Most tap water, which you use to rinse your face after removing make-up and using a cleanser, is rich in limescale, so it has an accentuated hardness. This inevitably has a negative effect on the skin, causing an alteration in pH.

Moreover, in the previous stages of skincare, something always slips through. Sebum, make-up residues but also products such as make-up remover or soap, which persist on the face, clogging your pores. Applying toner helps to eliminate all these residues.

If you ask us what toner is good for, we will no doubt answer: “A toner saves your skin”.

What is toner good for?

There are basically four actions of toner on the skin, and they are very important:

  1. It restores the skin’s natural pH: as we were saying, atmospheric agents, make-up, smog residues but also the water we used to wash ourselves (or poor quality products) can cause a variation in the skin’s acidity level. What tonic does
  2. It improves skin texture: it acts as a sebum regulator, eliminating excess sebum and the resulting shiny effect on the face, a real problem for many women. In addition to this, it tightens the pores for a healthier and smoother appearance.
  3. It stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, plumping and revitalizing the skin, and has a soothing and refreshing effect. This will immediately give you new energy and a pleasant feeling of lightness on your face.
  4. It allows the cream and serum to penetrate more deeply, allowing the active ingredients contained in the products that complete your skincare routine to work at their best. In this way, hydration and nourishment will give much more visible results.
  5. Toner is a necessary step to complete your daily beauty routine.

How do I apply face toner?

After removing your make-up, wash your face with a cleanser. Dry carefully and apply the toner: pour a few drops onto a cotton pad or reusable pad and gently pat onto your face and neck, avoiding the eye area.

There is no need to rinse. Wait for it to dry and penetrate deeply, then you can proceed with your moisturizer.

The toner should be used twice a day: morning and evening.

Which toner should I use?

The recommendation is always the same: choose natural products with a clear and transparent INCI.

At Benessence, we have created an organic toner with an Aloe Vera base and natural extracts including ginger and witch hazel. Its purifying and astringent properties and its certified organic and 100% vegan formulation make it the perfect product for even the most impure skins. Find it here!

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Facial toner is good for beautiful skin, but be careful which one you choose – it must be suitable for your skin type!

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