Aloe Vera Juice with Blueberries (1000ml)


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AloeTai?with Blueberries consists of pure Aloe Vera juice and pulp, with the addition of Blueberry juice. Firstly, we manually extract the gel from the heart of the fresh aloe leaf from our own cultivations in Molise (Italy). As a result, a wellbeing potion created for you.

Qualities and benefits of drinking aloe vera juice

  • Quality juice: 100% Benessence Aloe Vera juice. Therefore, it is formulated with a minimum of processing to allow the natural components of the plant to remain unaltered and fully develop their benefits. As a result, it is an unfiltered and unpasteurized product made only from real pulp to give you the full perception of Aloe Vera. Does NOT contain Aloin.
  • Appreciated by children: Firstly it meets the tastes of the youngest. The combination of Aloe Vera and blueberry is perfect for attracting the attention of children too. More oriented towards sweet, sugary and unhealthy drinks. Remember (at least up to the age of 12) to use a half dose. 25 ml and don’t assume it every day. Even the youngest children will be able to benefit from all the properties of Aloe Vera, thanks to the blueberry’s natural flavour and no added sugar.
  • Blueberry benefits: it is rich in micro-elements, and it is an excellent ally against capillary fragility. Most importantly, by improving microcirculation, it provides relief from heavy legs. Also, useful for the proper circulation of the vessels in the eye. In conclusion, you will benefit of a better health for our eyes, increasingly exposed to stress by exposure to smartphones and PCs.



Aloe Vera Juice 83% (Aloe Barbadensis Miller)
Blueberry Juice 8% (Vaccinium Myrtillus)
Blueberry Flavor
Preservatives: Potassium Sorbate, Benzoate Sodium
Acidifier: Citric Acid
Antioxidant: Ascorbic Acid


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Zero added water

The product does not contain added water


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