Benessence Lieve Intimate Wash with Organic Aloe Vera (250ml)


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Benefits of Aloe Vera
> has anti-inflammatory, fungicidal and antiviral properties;
> may serve as a natural sanitising and anesthetising agent;
> is excellent for hydrating and softening the skin;
> promotes cell renewal and improves skin elasticity;
> accelerates the healing of burns and skin irritations.
> helps to detoxify the body;
> stimulates and sustains the immune system;
> helps to calm and well-balance the nervous system.


Origins and description
Lieve is a cleansing wash for daily intimate hygiene based on organic Aloe Vera.
Its emollient action keeps the skin tonic and smooth. The physiological pH make this a refreshing detergent that preserves the balance of the intimate areas. It is recommended for women in fertile age.
Thanks to the calendula and chamomilla extracts, this intimate wash gently protects and cleans the intimate areas.
Its formula, enriched with bardana extract and pure natural essential oils of lavander, tea tree and salvia, soothes irritations and protects against infections by maintaining the natural microflora.
The essential oils help prevent various types of vaginal discomforts like vaginal odour, vaginal irritation and vaginal dryness.
The juice of Aloe Vera is extracted from organic Aloe Barbadensis Miller plants and it is rich in active constituents: vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, minerals and sugars.
Organic product. Zero water. Suitable for vegans.

How to use
Place a small amount of the fluid in your palm, mix with water, wash the intimate parts, and rinse well after use.

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