Benessence Sollievo Relief from Haemorrhoids with Organic Aloe Vera (100ml)


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Solievo is a Gel based on pure Aloe Vera juice – Adjuvant for the annoying and embarrassing problem of haemorrhoids.

PAIN RELIEVES: Once applied, it gives immediate relief, thanks to the reintegrating properties of the components. Aloe, Arnica and pure natural Cypress Essential Oil have a slightly anaesthetic flaming action.
IMPROVES THE MICROCIRCLE: Extracts of Horse chestnut, Rusco (stinging) and Centella asiatica improve the local blood circulation and have a vasoconstriction and strengthening action on the capillaries. This effect can relieve the discomfort linked to the problem of haemorrhoids.
ORGANIC CERTIFICATION: Formulated according to particularly strict standards, our cosmetic line is entirely BIO certified.
ZERO ADDED WATER: Our products have the peculiarity of being formulated using Aloe Vera juice instead of water, moreover, they are 100% Vegan.

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