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Kills 99.99% of bacteria

  • Disinfectant action
  • Effective against bacteria
  • Effectively removes stains from white and coloured fabrics
  • Respects fabrics and colours
  • Active at 30 degrees
Practic family disinfectant additive is a laundry additive with a bactericidal and mild detergent action to be used in addition to normal detergents for hand or machine washing of all garments. Suitable for the whole family and in particular for children’s and elderly people’s clothing, underwear, pyjamas, sportswear, sheets.

Disinfectant action:

Dissolve 80ml (just over three caps) in 1L of lukewarm water (40 degrees) and soak the garments. Leave at least 15 min. Wash as usual, and rinse thoroughly.

Stain removal action:

In the washing machine (spotting action for white and coloured garments): for 2/3 kg of laundry, pour the usual washing detergent, then add 100ml (4 caps) of product in the main washing basin.
By hand (for difficult or dry stains): pour 40ml (about one and a half caps) per litre of warm water and leave the garments to soak for 15 min. Then add the detergent and continue with normal washing. In case of very dirty garments, extend soaking for up to one hour.

The product label is in ITALIAN. All the instructions are written in the description of the product.



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